Bukola Esin

Prior to her difficult but passionate decision to delve into the music industry, she has worked in media organizations including Radio and television and has received numerous awards, scholarships, commendations and much more in her commitment to boost corporate values.

Not with human abilities but the Divine Miracle and strength from God, Iyanu is meant to be the first of more inspirational and soul-lifting songs gracing the shores of Europe from a middle-aged female Nigerian artist God has a plan. Trust it, live it, enjoy it


Bukola Esin Is a consummate artist specialising in Christian music with a background that has spanned over 25 years. Starting with singing in the church she held solo parts and joined many choirs in putting fantastic music together so it is a natural thing that she would actually get her own album in place. In fact, this is long time coming and you can hear from every song, the journey that has taken this artiste from horning her craft in the small churches in Nigeria to stepping out in faith to studios in London and Australia.